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How can you make marketing and investment decisions with confidence?

The people responsible for marketing or financing high-tech products and services are facing a daunting task. Millions of dollars ride on their decisions. But how do they move with confidence through the maze of marketing options in a fantastically dynamic environment?

CyberEdge Information Services helps by providing the market intelligence your company requires, based on research and experience. We focus on the visual simulation, virtual reality, and advanced interface markets. Since 1991 we have attended conferences around the world, met the leaders in these fields, visited labs, factories and sites where these technologies are used, written about the field, and been quoted in dozens of mainstream publications. Thousands of people in dozens of countries have successfully relied on our information and advice.

You can count on us for accuracy, objectivity, and clear, useful recommendations.

Who needs market research?

Anyone with bottom line or fiduciary responsibility needs to know as much as possible about their business environment. In the VizSim/VR business, there is only one reliable source for the information that can help land a great deal, or avoid a loser.

You need market Intelligence if you fulfil any of these functions:

  • CFO
  • Director of Corporate Communications
  • Facilities Planner
  • Marketing Director
  • Product Planner
  • Research director
  • Venture Capitalist

Statistically Valid Methodology

Key to your level of confidence is our level of professionalism. We take pride in many years of market research experience, including the groundbreaking Return on Advertising Investment Program we developed for PC WORLD magazine in 1990. We understand the many techniques available, and how to use them cost-effectively.
CEIS will employ the research tools that are most appropriate to your requirements. The techniques we employ include:

Primary Research

Surveys of any scale, conducted by mail, e-mail, web site, or telephone

  • Focus groups
  • Delphi polls
  • Personal discussions with industry leaders
  • Hands-on product evaluation
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Liaison with academic laboratories

Secondary Research

  • Surveys of published research
  • Library searches
  • On-line searches
  • Journal surveys
  • Conference proceedings
  • International governmental publications
  • Unpublished sources

Worldwide Resources

Thanks to our years of international activities in the field, we draw on experts in every aspect of our target technologies, in every area of the world. National borders are increasingly insignificant, especially in the flow of technology. Today's companies know that in order to succeed, they must address the concerns of people and markets in diverse countries and cultures. CEIS can help you move confidently onto the international stage.

Current Reports Are Available Now

The sixth annual market study on the Visual Simulation/Virtual Reality industry has been completed by CyberEdge Information Services Inc.

It shows that significant growth continues, and that substantial business opportunities exist in the virtual reality industry. Based on more than 358,500 data points, it is available in electronic or paper format.

For more information on our public reports, click here.

Proprietary Research Answers Your Unique Questions

When a public report is not adequate, CEIS is able to dig deeper to get the market intelligence your company needs to succeed. We design research projects to provide unique, unpublished information from many clients every year. We are able to assess technology, determine the attitudes of your customers, or potential customers, provide market numbers, unit sales, geographic distributions, almost anything you might need.

If your intelligence needs are profound and unique, ask us about a research program tailored to provide exactly the information you need. Of course, confidentiality is assured.

For more information on our market intelligence services, please complete an inquiry form, or contact us by telephone or email.


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