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Are you concerned about the integrity of your technology advisors?
Many people are these days.

As technology becomes more complex and more obscure, finding someone who understands the technology, and also can explain it in plain language, is increasingly important. CyberEdge can provide the expertise you need.

We are knowledgeable and unbiased. We will tell you if an idea is bad, and help you dig out a good one.
Our international network includes not just technology experts and integration authorities. We also have respected financial people on the team. This makes it possible for us to provide insight and understanding second to none.

Our decades oh high-tech experience – most of it on the inside of technology companies, much of it from reporting on technology – means that we know real advances when we see them. We understand what makes technology work, and what makes it sell. We can help you know if management and engineers are telling the straight story. We provide critical intelligence that makes smart decisions possible.

We are exeperienced in working with investment bankers and venture capitalist, as well as individual investors. We can help a compnay seeking funding, as well as investors needing to vet potential clients.

If you are an investor, investment banker, underwriter, or broker, working in the VizSim/VR arena, we can help you work you way through the maze of techno-babble and three-letter acronyms to a clear understanding of the underlying technology.

As we have seen recently, all high tech glitter is not gold.

Let us help you find the signal in the noise.

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