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Virtual Reality 1.0 – The 90's
The Birth of VR in the pages of CyberEdge Journal


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Five Stars!

5-Star Book!"One doesn't need to be a computer geek or developer to enjoy this book. The historical content is engaging, and it provides information about VR that is actually quite fascinating. The author is, without question, a talented writer and he explains the evolution of VR so that even someone completely computer and/or VR illiterate can understand it. I enjoyed this book tremendously."

Carol Thompson for Readers' Favorite


Did you ever wonder who built the first head-mounted display? Who first detailed a coherent theory of Cyberspace? Who wrote about cybersex and the challenges it creates? Who worried about addiction to VR? Did anyone ever cure cyber-sickness? 

From 1991 to 1996, CyberEdge Journal covered these stories and hundreds more. CEJ was read in more than 40 countries by thousands of VR researchers, developers, vendors, and aficionados. Appreciated for its "No VR Virtual Reality 1.0 – the 90'sHype" attitude, CyberEdge Journal was the publication of record for the VR industry in the 90's. Author Ben Delaney was the Publisher and Editor of CyberEdge Journal, and was one of the most respected commentators and presenters in the field. He went on to publish the industry-defining multi-year market study, The Market for Visual Simulation/Virtual Reality Systems until 2004. 

Now that VR is enjoying a renaissance, it's time to understand where it came from, and avoid making the same mistakes that were made in the first golden age of VR, the 1990's. It's also a good time to remember the excitement and sense of adventure that characterized those time. 

Virtual Reality 1.0 describes not just some of the hot topics of VR, but also the origins, issues, and solutions that were chronicled in the pages of CyberEdge Journal. Complemented by over 100 photos and drawings, there is a surprisingly contemporary feel to these old articles. In addition, more than a dozen VR pioneers have contributed new reminiscences of their work in VR. Another treat, the book is introduced by one of the acknowledged leaders of VR research and industry, Dr. Thomas Furness, Founding Director of the world-famous Human Interface Technology Laboratory at the University of Washington in Seattle.

This is the 2017 re-issue of Sex Drugs and Tesseallation with minor edits.

See a video profiling Dr. Furness by clicking here.

See Ben Delaney explainging VR on Newton's Apple by clicking here.

ISBN: 978-1-5136-1703-9
Pages: 440, Chapters: 85, Illustrations: 88
Includes index

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