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Francis Hamit was one of the most frequent contributors to CyberEdge Journal.


From January 1991 until January 1997, CyberEdge Journal was the voice of the virtual reality industry. Starting as an 8-page pamphlet, it grew to become the journal of record for the industry, read in more than 40 countries by thousands of subscribers. It grew by publishing the truth about VR – both good and bad – for all to see and comment on.

Over the 35 issues of CyberEdge journal, it printed stories about the people, applications, technology, products, disputes, and concerns of a growing industry. Its pages hosted some of the leading writers on VR from around the world, including Howard Rheingold, Francis Hamit, Bob Gelman, Mark Pesce, William Martens, Kenny Meyer, Bernie Roehl, Walter Greenleaf, Joanna Alexander, Mark Long, Rob Johnston, Sandra Helsel, Christine Treguier, Jeffery Abouaf, Myron Kreuger, Christian Bauer, and others. We printed photos, diagrams, letters to the editor, and even Zippy the Pinhead’s take on VR.

The newsletter also gave its readers a complete conference calendar, book reviews, and reports from conferences and meetings around the world. Each year, CyberEdge Journal bestowed the coveted. CJ awards for the best Virtual Reality products of the year. These trophies are still seen in the offices of the VizSim/VR companies around the world.

CyberEdge Journal provided on-line resources in 1991, and continued to cover the impact of the Internet on VR throughout its history. That led to the development of the first VR-oriented website, CyberEdge Electric, in 1995, and ultimately, to this site itself, the fourth major revision since then.

Though few of the technologies and products written about in CyberEdge Journal are still important, many of the ideas are. Furthermore, we believe that having an historical record of those exciting years is both entertaining and useful. In that spirit, we provide in this section some of our favorite articles from six years of CyberEdge Journal. We will continue to add articles here, so check back often.

In November of 2014, a compilation of the best articles from CyberEdge Journal, plus additional illustrations and contemporary recollections from 13 of the VR Pioneers of the 90's was published. titled, Sex Drugs and Tessellation, the Truth about Virtual Reality, as revealed in the pages of CyberEdge Journal, this 440 page book provides the best of CEJ in one volume. Click here for more information, and to order your copy.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view some of these articles. You can get it for free here.

Virtual Reality Product of the Year Awards Summary

Articles from 1991

What is CyberEdge Journal?

Highlights of the First Annual Virtual Reality Conference

The Big Kids Play With VR

Santa Cruz CyberConf 2

CHI '91 – Reaching Through Technology

A first take on W-Industries

US Senate Subcommittee Hearing



Articles from 1992

Book Review: Virtual Reality Playhouse, by Nicholas Lavroff  
VR Brings Hope  
Movie Review: The Lawnmower Man  
Big Money in Cyberspace  

Articles from 1993

Sex In Virtual Reality

More coming soon    

Articles from 1994

Virtual Therapy of Anxiety Disorders  
Immersive VR tests best  
More coming soon    

Articles from 1995

Summer Meetings

Is it 3D?

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Articles from 1996

Reflections on the Appearance of VR


More coming soon    

Articles from 1997

Issue #35, January/February1997 Complete  
More coming soon    

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